The Aiways U6 electric SUV can be purchased at Euronics electronics stores

By adRuby, 5 June, 2021

The electric car is not only changing mobility by providing sustainability, cleaner cities, lower costs and a superior driving experience. Zero-emission technology is bringing about a change in the car buying experience.

With Tesla has come the possibility of buying an electric car online, with all its equipment, in less than five minutes. Now, with Aiways, buying an electric SUV may be as simple as going to an electronics store.

With the start of production of the new Aiways U6 electric SUV, the Chinese manufacturer is designing its European strategy. For the second model of the brand that has the same platform as the U5, Europe is seen as an important market.

Born under the More Adaptable Structure (MAS) platform and equipped with a 63 kWh battery it will be able to beat the U5 range of 410 km under the WLTP cycle.  Also, the Aiways U6 electric SUV is equipped with a 204 hp engine.

The new Chinese SUV will show off careful aerodynamics that compensates for the vehicle's dimensions, allowing it to improve efficiency results on the highway. Considering characteristics, performance and dimensions, the Aiways U6 will compete directly with the Skoda Enyaq iV and the Volkswagen ID.4.

As FCE announced, the new Aiways U6 electric SUV can be purchased at Euronics stores in Europe. In this way, the Chinese manufacturer bypasses the traditional dealer model by offering two differentiated sales channels. On the one hand, in Europe, it will be possible to purchase the new electric SUV online, or through any Euronics store, a well-known consumer electronics chain with a presence in different countries on the European continent.